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6S Standard is a systematic management method from Japan, which is an update of 5S. It helps to increase efficiency and reduce stress by improving the working environment and standardizing the production processes. 

5S comes from 5 Japanese words which start with the letter S. 6S has added the new member - "Safety", so the complete stages of 6S are,

☆ SEIRI (Sort, Clearing, Classify): remove all unwanted items leaving only required tools, equipments, and machines on a daily basis.                  

☆ SEITON (Straighten, Simplify, Set in order): place items where they minimize movement and reduce stress based on ergonomic principles.                        

☆ SEISON (Sweep, shine, Scrub): clean and paint the workplace to make the area tidy and pretty.                        

☆ SEIKETSU (Standardize, stabilize): standardize the stage of implementation by ensuring common color codes and ways of working.                        

☆ SHITSUKE (Sustain, self discipline): make the process part of the company culture to ensure the ongoing implementation and improvement of this initiative.

☆ SAFETY (Safety): concentrate on safety aspects of our initiative, reviewing every action and each area to ensure that we have not overlooked any potential hazards

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